A Time to Help

You know my English Shepherds, my breed, my loves…

The dogs that shadow my life from room to room, job to job.
Whether helping me irrigate…
Or watching me in the barley field…
Keeping an eye on the yearlings…
Or assisting in ranch chores…
My dogs have quite the life!
Lucas and Elsa were purchased from very responsible, honorable breeders.  Dally, their daughter, is “home raised”.  I’ve placed 29 other pups in great homes across the country.  This is the happy side of breeding quality partners/dogs.  The other side appears on the National English Shepherd Rescue website.
Dogs that need homes for numerous reasons.
A loving owner is now too old or too ill to take care of their dog.
People move, lose homes or jobs, and can’t keep up with the cost of a dog.
Pups were born to dogs just accepted into rescue.
Some are still in foster homes from Operation New Beginnings.
So, on occasion, I’ll support NESR in some way…
Their colorful collars and matching leashes are THE BEST.  The design is great, a Martingale with quick release snaps.  The price is amazing.
I’ve purchased memorable pendants from them as well.
Often, NESR will have raffles… and I’ll buy tickets or donate an item.
This time, they are updating their ever popular cookbook!
So, on their behalf…
I’m requesting your help!
Send them a recipe or place an advance order…
It all helps our beloved English Shepherd friends find a forever home.
And if you’re an active person or someone with a farmstead, ranch, or farm… take a look at those faces on the NESR website… and see if there’s a chance one of them could become your partner, your love, your shadow.
National English Shepherd Rescue is an all-volunteer, non profit, breed rescue group working to place English Shepherds in need of new homes.  We are currently collecting recipes for our second edition cookbook.  We’re looking for everything from appetizers, soups and salads, to main dishes, side dishes, desserts, canning and preserves, crockpot ideas, and special treats for dogs.  Basically, if your family likes it, we want it!   Please include your name, city, state/province/country, and the name(s) of your dog(s) so that we can give you proper credit for your submission.   We’ve already started work on the layout, so please don’t wait until the September 30 deadline to send your recipes in!  Submissions should be emailed to:  cookbook@corbia.com.  (We will begin taking pre-orders at the end of September!)  For more information about NESR, please visit our website:  www.nesr.info
Thanks for taking the time to help a good volunteer organization!

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