Labor Day or Holiday?


Long day.
No surprise.
Actually, things went quite well, we’re just never too speedy about this…
We did have to dig a lot of the neighbor’s cows out of our stuff…
but other than that… We were good.
I guess it just seems long to me because although we arrived home at 5 pm, I’ve cooked for the past 6 hours!  Supper was first, then stuff for tomorrow.
Just for the record…
Love to eat them.
But they take FOREVER.
I’m a Big Fan of bar cookies… brownies and such… but the perennial favorite around here are Monster Cookies.  The recipe makes a ton, and they are Gooooooood, but my, oh my, what a pain.
I also made potato salad (I boiled the potatoes and eggs yesterday- yay)
I also made pretzel salad (yay for Dream Whip when you forgot to buy Cool Whip at the store!)
I also made Layered Pea Salad (been craving that for a while)
I also made a Mixed Berry cobbler (Schwan’s Berry Blend)
I also made Texas Style Fudge cake (yesterday… and I made two… so we’ll have one to leave at home and eat later!)
I have leftover pie crust, so may make another pie Sunday… maybe…
We’re having sandwiches and chips and all the stuff above.
I don’t think anyone will starve.
Everyone else will be saddling horses at 5 am, but not me!  I still have to gather up a few things, (like lettuce and tomatoes from my garden for our sandwiches).  I have to ice the pop, make some ice tea, load up the supplies and chairs and remember the trash sacks and soap and towels and serving spoons… So I am sleeping in tomorrow.
Then I shall load up my Durango, gather the dogs (they get their shots this weekend… the vet does double duty, cows and dogs), grab my camera, and drive leisurely up the mountain into the morning sun!
THEN I’ll work.
What are *you* doing this Labor Day Holiday, laboring or holiday-ing?
Don’t forget!
Q&A Time!
Put your questions in the comment section…

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