Greet Ranch Annual Labor Day Preg Test Retreat

You are hereby invited to participate in the annual Greet Ranch Labor Day Pregnancy Testing Retreat.

From the beginning…
to the end…
of your stay, you will delight in your personal exposure to the ultimate in pregnancy testing experiences.
Opportunities may include such exciting privileges as checking for veterinary tattooing and bangs vaccination tags on Angus cows…
Convos with distinguished and beloved veterinarians on various bovine diseases and deformities…
Actual participation in “mouthing out”, a local custom guaranteed to get your hands snotty and slobbery dirty!  <note: special doctor’s permission is needed for proof of strength if you wish to take part>…
Special considerations are made for pre-vet majors from the University of Wyoming (aka our neighbor girl S.!) and techniques on Braille uterine palpitation are given in a personalized one-on-one sessions…
Other discussion areas are available with The Good Doctor which may include local and national politics, the state of the economy, University of Wyoming football, your investment portfolio, The Endangered Species Act, bovine/canine/equine/any-ine illness, and/or subjects of your choosing.  The Good Doctor is well versed in multiple topics.
After the cows are tested, marked, and turned loose, it’s time for the work to stop and the relaxation to begin!
Your stay at the Labor Day Retreat includes deluxe eating accommodations with nearby wash area.  The view is amazing and you’ll indulge yourself with more great conversation while the cattle mill about bawling creating a unique background ambiance.
The fare is simple and filling with a variety of sandwiches, salads, and desserts to tempt your tastebuds.
We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed your stay at the Greet Ranch Annual Labor Day Preg Test Retreat… and as you journey homeward, we hope you can reflect on the day as a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
Remember it’s Q & A time.  I’ve received some great questions already… leave yours in the comments section!


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