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First thing this morning we headed up the hill again… this time to load the open (non-pregnant) and culled (old, lame, no-teeth) cows on the semis to send them to market.

Somehow my camera never exited the Durango…
So I’ll refer you here if you have the urge to see some ‘corral work’.
Brandon has been working on a larkspur study for a college project… plus he is taking a Weed Science class… so I helped him collect some specimens while the rest of the crew hauled the weaned calves down the hill.  It was a busy day on the mountain, and we had some good visits with friends as they passed us by… wondering if we were broke down.
That generosity paid off for Victoria as she started to head home to Kaycee.  She ended up with two flat tires… this mountain road just EATS tires… and the local game warden and another acquaintance stopped to help her out!  She headed back home, her spare and some constant airing up got her back home.  Thanks to our friends for helping her out and following her back down the mountain.
She’ll spend another night here before we manage to get her home with patched tires…
I was very disappointed that we didn’t see any elk while gathering the pasture on Friday… It’s always memorable to see and hear them.  But I did find something I think you’ll like…
See it?
Look closely.
Mr. Porcupine.
How nice to see you!
Dogs, leave it!
Elsa, Dally, and Boomer were well behaved and stayed back.  Elsa, of course, has had her bad experience with porkies, as has Boomer.  They stayed behind me and Panama.
They are smart enough to leave the business end alone…
Ya gotta admit… porcupines are kinda cute!  Dontcha just wanna pet him?  He’s a young one, not that big.  Kinda cuddly.  Just watch out for the quills and claws…
And, sir?
Have I ever told you how you make the most wonderful headdresses?  and that I want one?
No.  I did not take this picture.  I googled it.  But porcupine roaches are amazingly awesome to me.  Don’t get me started on dyed quillwork… creative and difficult… all thanks to the little porky.
If there’s time tomorrow, I’ll post a little video of Mr. Porcupine…
I’ve got many questions lined up… add yours in the comment section now!  Answers Tuesday.

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