Tomorrow is our big preg testing day…

I’ve spent the day cooking, cleaning, and trying to figure out my computer!  Apple has done away with iPhoto, and replaced it with just Photo… but my photo library is SOOOOO big, after a long time, it was determined I needed to buy a new external harddrive to transfer it to the new program and keep it away from my backup files.

Thanks, Apple.

I “thought” I had a video ready to go, but I guess it didn’t load, so I’ve decided… in honor of tomorrow, I’m re-sharing my favorite preg test day post!

Sorry about that… but, I can almost guarantee a snicker if you go read it once again…

Greet Ranch Annual Labor Day Preg Test Retreat

(even if it ISN’T Labor Day!!!!)


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  1. What were they doing with holding the cow’s nose and mouth ? Your veterinarian has a hard dirty job. Thanks for sharing the Retreat from 2010.

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