Four Minutes of My Day

I’ve had my shower, removed some trail dust, and I’m currently sipping on some of the *finest wine*.  OK.  Charles Shaw.  From Trader Joe’s. <It was reported that my previous link had malware attached to it.  So sorry.  Please don’t let it download anything!  Thanks, Penny!>

I can relax now… so long as Rocky quits *barking*… and tell you of my day.
Daniel’s friend T. came along this morning… so there were five of us to cowboy today.
As usual, my dogs and I are sent to the top to dig the cattle out of the trees.  This time there weren’t many, so I had time to search for wildlife and attempt some artistic photos.  We continued on around the ridge and dropped down into the bottom to await the back of the herd.  I decided to see if my video would work better now that I’ve switched it off of HD.
<Note to Panasonic Cameras:  This camera, my third for the year, is now showing dust spots on every photo.  Again, I’m UNHAPPY.  Until it totally dies though, I’m keeping it. >
I captured just four minutes of my day… but I think you’ll enjoy it.
The scenery.
The job.
The dogs.
Cowboying the mountain pasture.
September 12, 2009  Photoshop Playday

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