A Picture of Progress


a picture of progress.
Before we started remodeling the bathroom… it was classic 1950’s style.
Cool mint green *fake* tile…
With a neato fishy on the rear wall!  Although there was a shower curtain, notice there is no REAL shower.  Remember those you could hook onto the tub spout?  Yeah.
The tub was original cast iron… with a large spot of the porcelain worn off around the drain… and not a smooth porcelain finish left after 60 years!  I wanted a *smooth* tub.  One you can wipe off when you clean, not scrub with the use of *elbow grease*!  That tub found a new owner… someone who is thrilled with it!
And honestly, there was nothing *that* bad about this bathroom, it just wasn’t my style and I *wanted* my style!
So I’m working on it.
Earth tones.
REAL tile.
A smidge of pizzazz.
Something my unknown future daughter-in-law or grandchild can look at and say, “Yecch.  I think I want something minty green…”
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