Black and Blue

The third Lumix camera of the year died today.

I’ll hopefully contact Panasonic tomorrow and get some money back.  They’ve been awfully good at replacing it, but I’m tired of cameras that last only three months!
So it’s back to my first digital camera… my old 2.1 megapixel Olympus C700… made famous by my OOPE photos I used to take.  It still chugs along, happy to do its little job.  The only trouble is the small megapixel size and it’s “non-compactness”!  It’s about 4 inches thick, not good for shirt pockets.  Time to pull out the fanny pack!
Or I can go back to my NICE camera, my Olympus E500.  Definitely not something you take on horseback!
I’m looking at the newer pocket Stylus Tough cameras by Olympus, but their zoom is only 5x.  Pitiful in RED DIRT country.  I may have to make it work.
I’ll never go back to Panasonic!
I did take some good little pics today before the camera cratered… minus the dust spots!
Black dog.
Blue sky.
I waited all afternoon for the vet to show up to see if we should cast the broken legged cow.  I cleaned on my house, and packed two boxes of stuff for the Mills Place, walked the dogs, and camera shopped online.  I never saw him pull in.  Never did the dogs bark.  I thought he didn’t show, but he did.  I just missed him.  See, there’s a BIG haystack between my house and the corral, and he must have parked where I couldn’t see him.
The vet did cast the leg… and I’ll try to take some pics tomorrow.
Other photographic news…
I uploaded a photo to the My Shot  section of National Geographic.  I’ll try this on occasion… and should I ever be chosen for the Daily Dozen, I’ll sure let you know, so you can vote for me!  Search for Wyoming… you’ll find me!
I’m also asking for your input on photos to include in the 2011 Greet Ranch/Red Dirt calendar.  Feel free to browse back through to November of last year, and suggest ones to be included!
It’s also Q & A time… send your questions through the comment section, and Friday, I’ll do my best to answer them!
October 5, 2009   The Other Hundred Photos

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