Cottonwood’s 50/50

Thanks so much for everyone’s kind thoughts… I *am* feeling much better today.  I know my friends’ hot tub helped and laying around like a slug probably was good too.

I had enough of that by today, though, so I leisurely drove up to the Mills Place and laid more tile.
I only have around the faucets left to do and four corner tiles.  Wow!
The end is definitely in sight!
I know I’ll stand there and stare at it a while, but I must be brave drilling those holes… and then I’ll just have grouting to complete!
And caulking.
And then the rest of the bathroom.
That is… when I get help again.
Currently the men are preoccupied.
The guys are finishing up the fall work… the haying is done.  The cows are halfway home – but where they should be… The irrigating is over and dams are being pulled.  Equipment is getting cleaned up, serviced, and hidden in protective sheds for the winter.
I wish all my projects were getting wrapped up as well!
I shall plug away to the best of my ability.
Neverfear, I will endeavor to avoid dances, high heels, unseen holes, and horseback riding for the moment… keep my back healthy… and I can finish up some of *MY* projects!
I especially want to get my windows in my studio… so I can work on it this winter and perhaps not freeze quite so much!
This cottonwood is out my studio’s southern window… 50/50 yellow and green… I’m going to hate to block this view with windows… but I’ll have to live with it!
It’s the first week of October!  That means leave your questions in the comment section and I’ll answer them on Friday!
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