The Best We Could

Well, I spent another day SITTING.  My back is slightly better… I did sleep through the night… but I am far from healed.

 I have moved my computer out to the living room… setting up a table next to the recliner.
It’s not the best, I still have to turn slightly to look at the screen, but at least I can accomplish some things.
I have enjoyed watching the Equestrian championships on NBC in the meantime… something I probably wouldn’t have had time for otherwise!
I did put my slideshow together today!
Let me give you some background…
As we gathered our pasture the other day, we found a cow with a broken ankle.  We have no idea how it happened… but it is better than what happened last year .
She was definitely hurting and as soon as she went through the gate to our horse pasture, she headed straight for the muddy pond.  She sank into its soft mucky bottom and lay still.  I’m sure the coolness lowered her fever and swelling.  We couldn’t leave her there though.
During this slide show you’ll see Daniel enter the pond and try to encourage her out.  He even grabs her tail and lifts on it, trying to make her stand and move.  Vernon then decides perhaps the two of them can rope and drag her out, so they cinch up tight and enter the pond.  She decided to leave on her own, but before we get organized, she returns to the water and we have to start over.  Even with some “goosing” from the dogs, she doesn’t leave the water.  Time to pull out the Big Gun.  The Dodge.  With the help of a bowline knot and a hitch, we got her out of the pond.  Now to load her in trailer!  Some more pressure, creative rope work, and lots of grunting and lifting, she finally *finally* made it.

Helping Out from Carol Greet on Vimeo.

We now have her in the corral here at home.  Casting rarely works successfully with cattle, so we’ll baby her along, bringing her feed and water until the bones knit together on their own.  If we’re lucky, she’ll make it to calving season and we’ll get a baby out of her.

It wasn’t picture perfect or a great way to load her, but we did the best we could for her, poor thing.  As Daniel said, “Things like this, they don’t teach you in Beef Production class!”  On the ranch, you learn by doing!  I gave us a “B”.


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