Lost Three

When I said I made gallons of applesauce last night I was *not* exaggerating!

The Pepsi’s for scale.
They’re big pots.
They’re full.
Well, pretty much.
23 quarts and 7 pints for Johnny!
Today I moved on to sweet pickle relish.
I’ve run out of onions and green peppers, so I’ll probably have to switch to pickles tomorrow.  RATS.
To be honest, the applesauce was a joint effort.
There were three of us… and we’re a mighty fine team when it comes to getting work done!
Many hands do make light work… and they’re fun friends too.
As opposed to this sweet pickle relish.
I’m the loner on this… and it takes forever!
Explain to me why the same recipe last year made 7 pints.
This year I doubled the recipe and it made 11.
It’s been a while, but as I vaguely remember… 7 doubled is 14.
Where in the heck did my other 3 pints go?
Even though I lost three pints, I’m still counting this canning session a success!
If the weather cooperates, it’ll be back to cowboying tomorrow… though my new little camera hasn’t appeared yet, I will try to take a picture or two with the old one!
I hope you had a great Halloween… and no.
We had no trick or treaters.
All the candy is for us!
October 31, 2009   Cow Work
October 31, 2008   I Love This Country!

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