For the past week Vernon has looked at me over his coffee cup,

“Whaddya say we go up and finish the Mills place today?”
For several days we’ve worked… but we’re not finished!
I just don’t get it!
That’s the goal we’ve set for the day… and we work… and… nope.
We don’t finish.
Honestly, if we would get telephone, internet, and our Dish satellites set up… I could move.  I wouldn’t have to cook much since I still don’t have a stove, and the microwave is small.  I still don’t have my mom’s huge refrigerator, but I have a tiny small one.  I could make it.
But no.
We *still* aren’t done!
I really don’t feel like whining because this is the week for giving thanks… and I’ll start right here.
I’m thankful for getting the Mills place… for neighbors that wanted to see family ranches continue instead of selling the place to some rich person.
I’m thankful for my life on this ranch.  For living in the country, providing quality food for hundreds of people I don’t even know.
I’m thankful for my health.
I’m thankful for my family.
I’m thankful for my friends… including all of you!  You’ve brought me a new dimension in my life.
This week, when we’ll stuff ourselves to the gills with delicious and SAFE food, many agricultural related blogs are promoting #foodthanks, #thankafarmer, #thankarancher, all three are Twitter hashtags trying to make people more aware of where their food comes from.  The ag area is probably a little slower than other groups about getting their story out…  *Most* farmers and ranchers don’t blog or Tweet or vlog!  (You can follow *me* on Twitter as @rimrockes or reddirtinmysoul on Facebook!)
The AgChat Foundation is a leader in this field (pun intended).  Check ’em out.  You’ll find links to other ag blogs and all sorts of news, media, and videos.
Then there’s Ryan.
He’s posting an Ag-Thankful post on his blog about every day this month.  I’ll have a guest post on there this week as well!
I thought it would awesome, since so many of you are great commenters, if I asked YOU… Why are YOU “Ag Proud” or “Ag Thankful” or “giving #foodthanks”?  I want to make you think… believe me, it’s not as easy as it sounds!  I struggled a bit with my guest post!
I know this almost sounds like homework, but for those of you who are interested… GO FOR IT!  Here’s your chance to promote your support of agriculture!  The comment section is OPEN.  Take the time to show the world how many people can be like Ryan, and be Agriculture Proud!  Challenge your friends.  Stimulate your kids.  Test your parents’ memories.  Involve your community.  We should all be giving #foodthanks this week!
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