Making My Millions

The snow that caused my white knuckles of yesterday also caused Vernon much distress.

The plan today was to ship 60 yearling heifers off to the sale barn, but 4 inches of snow makes for slick hills.
Slick hills make truck drivers nervous.
And owners of the heifers that are going inside those trucks.
We have two tricky spots for truckers and even though they arrived home at midnight last night, Vernon was up and out the door as soon as he could this morning to shovel snow.
Blade the snow.
With the tractor.
Then he sprinkled salt on the tricky steep parts.
And the temperature rose with the sunshine, and the snow melted and all was good in Vernon’s world again.
The truck showed up on time.
We got to work.
And that was that.
Sixty good looking yearling girls off to find new homes… and have good looking babies for some other rancher.  Bye!  See ya, girls!
They’ll sell Monday in Riverton should you be looking for some replacements!
Minor chores filled the rest of the day.
A large box was delivered by FedEX.  Surprise.  Surprise.  A Saturday delivery.  Cool.  You can tell when I don’t get to choose a method of delivery… because I would NEVER EVER choose FedEX.  The have a horrible history of lack of delivery in this part of the woods… but here they were… bringing me the package I’d been waiting for.
So I give them one point.
Because now I have BOTH of these…
Awesome looking, eh?
The mug is large… with a black border around my photos…
If nothing else… I’ll have plenty of new mugs for the Mills Place!
Calendars are $19.95.
Cups are $17.95.
Plus shipping/handling.
Orders can be placed through the Red Dirt Shop on the left sidebar.
Take one, take five.  I have to start making my millions somehow.
Though, honestly, I’d prefer the check for that truckload of heifers we just sent off!  I could get rich a lot faster that way!
Once again… it’s the first week of the month… Question and Answer Time again.  Unless I’ve answered them all!  If, by any chance, there’s something I haven’t covered yet… leave a question in the comment section… and I’ll answer it Thursday!
December 4, 2008   Multitasking

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