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Pearl Harbor Day… and I think of Uncle A… 19 years old and in the holds of a ship struck that day.  Power was lost and the lights went out… he had grabbed hold of an over head pipe and was hanging in the air.  The darkness was so intense he didn’t know if there was a floor beneath him or not.  He held on for a minute, then decided… “What the hell.”  and he let go of his grip.  The floor was only a few inches down, and he felt a little foolish.  He made his way out and continued to fight the rest of the war in the Pacific Theater.
I salute you, Uncle A.  and my nephew R. now stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan.  Thanks for your service!
And in the words of Brad Paisley’s latest song:
“And if there’s anyone that still has pride and the memory of those

that died defending the old red, white, and blue,
This is country music and we do.”

I spent the morning up at the Mills place… coating, and recoating, and recoating layers of sealant on my fossils.  All my faucets are now on, so I can seal my grout… and caulk… nothing too impressive, but it is amazing how long it takes to touch up paint, or caulk, or do those tiny little details to finish up a project.
I was heartened to read in my comments from so many readers that you are fans of your local libraries…  That’s GREAT!  Our little one is such a friendly place, I’ve always been very proud of it.
We spent the afternoon helping our neighbor again.  Splitting more wood with that wonderful log splitter.  I’ve decided I’ve got a screw loose.  *I* don’t get to run the silly thing… I’m stacking.  How did that happen?  The guys usually run it and I’m loading or stacking!  How can I be in love with it when I haven’t even actually run it???!!!  Ah, well… The neighbors use wood as their only heat source, so we managed to stock them up for a few days at least!  That warmfuzzyfeelingbecausewehelpedsomeone should take some of the soreness away, right?
Just a reminder… I do have RED DIRT photographs and calendars and mugs and children’s books available if you need Christmas ideas!  Follow Red Dirt In My Soul on Facebook for more photographs.
Q&A for Thursday… I have quite a list already, but throw some more in the mix!  Leave your question in the comment section!
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