Icing on the Cake

The Christmas season has arrived in force in Ten Sleep.  I attended my ambulance Christmas breakfast Saturday morning.  It was a nice switch from the typical party and since there are so few of us, it’s a nice easy group to hang out with!

Then that afternoon we had another Christmas party.  The creek I live on is the Upper Nowood (NOT Norwood or North Wood but No Wood, as in there’s no wood to build a fire!) and the ladies of the Upper Nowood have held a gift exchange off and on for years and years.  This time there was a different spin to it as well.
The gift had to be something you made, something you baked, or something you grew.  This “Make, Bake, or Grow” highlighted many women’s talents… cookies and bread to pickles and crafts.  It was a good time!  I actually re-used my paperback book wreath, since the winner of it at the Christmas auction didn’t *really* want it, and donated it back.  Instead of storing it for next year, the library gave it back to me!  I re-gifted it to the party!  I figure it might make another round or two, and if nothing else, is a hell of a firestarter!
The other gift that cracked me up?   The one lady who said she “*Made* myself go down to the bakery and buy some fresh bread to share!”
We almost went to the FFA auction that evening, but the guys were tired and so we stayed home…  I heard the furniture didn’t bring what it needed so it’s listed on the Wyoming Craigslist site!  It would have been a big day with three events!
Today we went to a neighbor’s 90th birthday celebration.  It was nice to see the many generations enjoying each other!
Somewhere in there I squeezed in making Never Fail Fudge (which failed), caramel corn, some plain sugar cookies, and date bars.  I’m pretty sure we won’t starve to death.  It’d be great if I could taste the sugar, but since I can’t… I guess the guys get it all to themselves.
Oh, and Daniel decorated my Christmas tree for me!
How cool is that?
That was icing on the cake… (or snow on the shed roof!)  I LOVE any assistance I can get!
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