Me Money


Running to the chilly outside to glance at the lunar eclipse.
No change yet… ugh.  HURRY UP!
I should be in bed… because I’m working.
Like in an office/8-5/dressclothing/curledhair/jewelry/makeup kind of working.
One of the girls at the Ten Sleep Library is on vacation, and I was invited back to cover for her… and since I always seem to be low on the income side of things… I said yes.
The week before Christmas.
The week before New Years.
Oh, well… just think of $$$$$$$$.
It’s a well known adage around here:  “Behind every successful rancher is a wife who works in town!”
The thing about the library is I did work there for 9 years… so I really didn’t need training… just a 15 minute refresher course… and it is all coming back… albeit SLOWLY sometimes!
I’ve had a variety of part-time jobs through the years to help things along…  I sold Watkins products, taught Koreans English online, took my “Greet Cards” to craft fairs, sold my dog harness/book/calendars/photos/mugs, cleaned a house and a mountain cabin a time or two, substituted at the local school, and perhaps the most unique job of all… I’ve clipped fins for the local fish hatchery!
No kidding.
Whenever some fisheries biologist is wanting to study some fishy cycle or action or behavior or some-such… they need to mark the fish, so they can be collected or followed and inventoried.
Hence the need for clipping fins.  You might brand a horse or eartag a cow or microchip a dog… fishies get a notch in a fin.  Sometimes it’s the dorsal fin or the belly fin and sometimes it’s a split or a notch or an angled cut.  It seems to me like we did this in the early springtime.  Cold enough there might be icicles on the edges of the watertanks that held our 8″ victims! We would don rain slickers and warm hats and gloves with good gripping ability and reach into a tank full of fish, grab one, clip the fin, and toss it into another tank.  It was wet and cold work, and yes, we would get splashed with fish pee and poo!  But there were about 6 or 7 of us… and we’d chat away and stomp our feet and relish our breaks inside the fish hatchery office where it was warm!
These extra jobs helped with our trip to Disneyland… and the kids’ basketball shoes (though I always insisted on last year’s model!)… and all those extra expenses that seemed to pile up while raising three children!
Now I’m hoping it’ll help defray some of the cost of a new couch and recliner for the Mills place… time for some “me” money!
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