The Best Way

Thanks for your Christmas wishes and birthday greetings!
It’s been a relatively quiet and relaxing day…
Yesterday and last night were more hectic… We had our big dinner on Christmas Eve, since Victoria and Matt now split their days with Matt’s parents as well.  This morning, we had breakfast and opened presents and then Toria and Matt left to go home for the inlaws.
Our dinner was pretty good…
Oyster stew… because it’s traditional!
Pork loin in plum sauce, mashed potatoes, salad, baked beans, scalloped corn, homemade buns, and ice tea.  Johnny always has an angel food cake for his birthday cake, from scratch, of course… and we had tons of chips and relishes and desserts on the side as well!
My mom had made the pork loin for a switch a few years ago… we’re usually prime rib people… but I decided to go with the pork again… just in her honor!  It was yummy.
Today I declared “Leftover Day”… so everyone was on their own after breakfast, at least!  That’s the easy way to do it!
Today was also our day in the hills to check the pipeline and water tanks and Vernon and I and the boys went together.
Quality Family Bonding Time.
I took some photos and video…
Of the boys…
Of antelope…
Of elk…
Of snow…
Fodder for the rest of the week!
Brandon made me a birthday cake this evening… but it was just the four of us by then… so it was quiet and peaceful!
I’m pretty sure that today was the best way to spend Christmas…
family, food, creatures, and gorgeous country!


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