Wildlife Tour

One of the very best things about living in Wyoming is the amount of wildlife we have.

Pronghorn antelope are in abundance most everywhere in the state.
Although, I admit, when I first came to live in this part, there sure wasn’t as many around here as I was used to around Casper!
In the past 30 years… they have definitely gone forth and multiplied!

Of course, in the winter, they form these large herds… so they come out of each little draw and hole to congregate for safety’s sake.  Easier to spot due to numbers… but it’s easier to miss them in the snow and sagebrush too!
With hollow hair, amazing eyesight, and speed, these critters are made for open sagebrush country.  Hollow hair gives them an extra layer of “warmth” to fend off plains blizzards.  They’ve been clocked at 60mph, and can run soon after they’re born.
I believe they are one of the most gorgeous animals anywhere!
Half a mile from where I took this photo of this large herd… I spied another herd of 40 head.
Of wapiti.
They were a ways across the valley… a bunch of cows and calves… no bulls that we could see.  Though we did find two bulls later… WAY too far away for a photo op!
Our little journey had turned into quite the photo op!
“Welcome to Wyoming… your wildlife tour will begin promptly!”
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