Happy New Year!

We had planned to have our New Year/Birthday Bonfire again…

and I had planned to use some fantastic firelight photos tonight.
The pile we are setting on fire this time is HUGE… and the snow around it will help prevent it from spreading!
The only minor problem we had…
It’s COLD.
-28 this morning on Johnny’s National Weather Service thermometer.  It actually hit a high of 7.  Then the sun went back down and the temperature plunged again.  -18 last I looked… with starry bright skies… it’ll keep going down too.
Somehow, about 7 pm… when we’d planned to light the fire… and it was twelve below… None of us could bring ourselves to go light the pile on fire!
Even though we’d be toasty on one side… we definitely would be FREEZING on the other!
I’m just thanking the weather gods that they didn’t send the predicted wind.  A wind chill factor on top of that…. BRRRRRRRRRRRR.
We’re supposed to warm up a bit every day, so maybe a few nights from now… I’ll have some bonfire pics… though they won’t be on New Year’s or Vernon’s birthday… they’ll have to do!
The guys were busy this morning kicking cows off the fence.  The cows want to come home and eat hay… but we’ve a few more days we can leave them out there… so we convince them to go back out and eat more grass!  There’s plenty out there…
Tomorrow I may go help since I don’t have the excuse of a birthday cake and dinner to cook anymore!  We’ll see.  My dogs need the work… I just need to be BRAVE and dress WARMLY.
I hope your day was full of the warmth of friends and food!
Happy New Year!
January 1, 2010   No entry.

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