Today, we bangs vaccinated our young heifer calves.

You may have heard of brucellosis… a bacteria that causes cattle to spontaneously abort their calves.
By law we have to vaccinate against this contagious disease.  Whether or not there is an outbreak of brucellosis in cattle is a big factor in Wyoming cattle prices… our “brucellosis free” designation as a state is often fleeting.
The elk and bison in Yellowstone National Park are known carriers of brucellosis and the artificial feeding of them seems to concentrate the infection, which then may be spread to local herds by wandering wildlife.  The designation then applies to the entire state, even though we may be hundreds of miles from the infected herd.
So the Good Doctor arrives…
vaccine and tattoo ink in hand…
and we proceed.
The Good Doctor is always good for a laugh.
My favorite of the day:
“I’d rather have a free bottle in front of me, than a pre-frontal lobotomy!”
I know.
I about choked on that one!
Here’s a clue that the doctor in the pickup is a vet… not a physician…  when the stethoscope hanging from the rear view comes with manure on the outside of the truck!
But my best pic of the day…
I caught Brandon, NOT making google eyes or wrinkling his nose at me!
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