After Shot… Kinda

The other day, I gave you the “before” shot of an old dresser I am repurposing for our “new” entertainment center.

So, I’ve spent a few days sanding off 95% of the old varnish… boy, it sure smelled like kerosene…
I’ve taken off the old knobs… and rubbed it down with tung oil.
Today, it looks like this.
My work lights don’t lend themselves to great photos… but I still think you get the idea.
I think she’s gorgeous!
I plan on ditching the plain wooden knobs and buying some antique looking glass knobs.
The center will get a solid shelf to hold the satellite receiver and dvd player, etc.  I was tempted to put back the shelf front on hinges, so that stuff could be covered up if I wanted… but, honestly, 90% of the time, it’d be down or open.
Your opinions?
Plus… the interior is not sanded well… nor was it varnished originally.  Should I sand and oil it?  Or paint the interior black?  Would the black interior be too much?  Like a huge black mouth?
Anyway… just a little more work and she’ll be done.  I just think she’s spiffy.  Even the broken door… adds character!
Note to procrastinators… Only 4 calendars left… Either you buy ’em or I give them to my family for Valentine’s gifts!  Believe me, they would prefer you get them… they like chocolate better!
Tomorrow’s the last day for the 2011 Bloggies nominations… so I’m refreshing your memory!   I’ve nominated a few of my favorites and I hope some of you do the same!  At least ask if they’d consider an “Agriculture” section for next year’s competition!
Please let me have some input on this cabinet… when she’s all done and set up, you know I’ll share her final results!
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