Cowboy Culture

Saturday mornings, as I drive my tractor over frozen cow turds, I tune my radio to KTWO, 1030 AM, out of Casper, Wyoming.

I do it for one thing only… to listen to “Clear Out West”.
That’d be C.O.W. Radio Show starring the Nelson brothers from Pinedale, Wyoming.
Cowboy and ranch humorists, farriers, and poets… these brothers syndicate a radio show that regularly would have me spitting my coffee over the tractor’s dash… if I ever was smart enough to take coffee with me.
You’ll hear some historical facts (maybe a few fabrications, too), some western humor, old cowboy songs, and cowboy poetry.  Of course, it’ll all be broken up by those dang Cow-mercials, but that’s capitalism for you!
Jim and Andy will make you laugh, and are a great introduction to Cowboy Culture!  And the best thing?  You can listen to them on your very own computer… check out their playlists and archives!
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