New Addition

No, it’s not a new calf… we still have a few weeks before that happens…

Remember my Indian Room? the first room completed (still no curtains and the baseboard needs finished but done enough!) out of my entire house?
Well, I had a gap next to my desk… and a TON of books on Indians and archaeology and Wyoming history looking for a home…
I needed a bookcase.
I didn’t want boring prefab Walmart specials… not in my Indian room!
So I asked a friend… the same guy who made my blanket ladder you can see here… do you have time to build me a bookcase?  Make it look like the ladder?
In a few days I had this.
Totally PERFECT.
He used old rusty bits for shelf ends/reinforcers.
I don’t think I would have ever thought of this.
Totally AWESOME.
Instead of a flat planed board for the shelves… he just ripped more poles in half and screwed them on.
That will definitely help with my dusting problem… uh, the fact that I don’t dust often enough is the problem…
Now I just have to haul those tons of Indian books up here!
I just LOVE my new addition!
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