Feeding Two Video

I started this last time with the Feeding One Video… how to load your hay trailer!

Now it’s on to pitching that hay to the cows.
Johnny’s driving, and I’m riding on the trailer.
With a bit of a breeze and the movement of the trailer, the wind chill now hits a low that squeezes the air from your lungs.
When you inhale and your snot instantaneously freezes your nostrils together, yup, you’re allowed a shiver!  And a nose wipe with a hay caked glove.
My face is COLD.
That’s why, 9 times out of 10, I’ll face backwards and miss that entire wonderful experience.
Why not a ski mask, you ask?
Because after I pitch this hay, I’ll be sweating.  If I had to breathe through a ski mask, all that moisture would collect and freeze with minute amounts of hay dust and all that is itchy and scratchy about hay.  I’ll have a frozen hay fever attack and red irritated skin from all that chaff.
Lucas makes a short appearance alongside the trailer.  Most of the time he is on board with me and the other dogs… somehow he was too slow, but he clambered aboard before we started feeding the cows.  I like my dogs up there, they don’t harass the cows that way!
I tried to take video of me actually PITCHING the hay… my camera was simply sitting on the bales and taped hayskyhayskytreehayskyskyskysky.  It fell over.  Frozen cow turds create uneven ground.  Not a good technique.  Then you heard my insane giggle as I grabbed it up… kinda freaky, actually!
Besides, sitting in hay is hard on cameras.
We stop halfway through to open up the water hole in the creek, that keeps the cows from walking to the center on thin ice and falling through.
So, in this video you get befores and afters… but I promise, there’ll be more feeding videos to come!
With a total of 14″ of snow on the ground, spring will be a while yet!


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