Any Ideas Part II


I should have known you would have some great ideas about my post yesterday on losing my sense of taste!
Let me answer a few questions.
Once I found out that losing your sense of taste could be a side effect of fish oil… I stopped taking it.  That was last summer sometime… I think.  I get foggy about dates… except for my family’s birthdays… those I can remember.
The only medication I’m on is one baby aspirin per day.
I don’t take any other herbs or oils or anything.
I forgot to mention that I also have a salty taste in my mouth most of the time… kinda like you have after finishing a salty margarita!  It doesn’t go away until I brush my teeth but it soon returns.
I’m wondering if the loss of sweetness just leaves me with the salty taste… is saliva supposed to be sweet-ish?
I don’t seem to be overly thirsty… but I could drink much more…
I did take zinc for a couple of weeks, because I heard it might help… it didn’t and so I quit taking it.  I haven’t heard of the other things from Dr. Oz.
If I didn’t have a family to cook for, I could see where I’d give up eating some things… though I think I’m still pretty far away from losing my appetite.  I will sure prowl around for some salty/spicy thing though!  My new favorites have been the poppyseed/garlic/onion/cheese/everything bagels, sliced into chips and toasted in the oven.  Yum.
I stand in front of different unique foods in the store and debate… should I try this strange Chinese chili/tomato sauce for kicks or am I going to take one bite and decide I just wasted my $4.00?
I had some anise candy today and that was good… but again, it has a strong smell, so perhaps that helps.
Keep the ideas coming, folks, I’ll check them out!
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