Stylish Blogger Award

My turn to pass it forward.

Kari, over at Montana For Real, gifted me with a Stylish Blogger Award.

Style, obviously, being interpreted in multitudinous ways in order for me to be considered in the running.
Like Kari, I believe in jeans, boots and loose work shirts.
And manure.
And a baseball cap.
And dog hair.
Redneck Style.
Two things go along with this award… that I pass it on to a few other blogs… and that you learn seven new things about me.
The blogs… that’s easy enough.
Let’s go with Just Another Day on the Prairie… ranchlife north of the border in Canada.
Of course, there’s my buddy Shreve at HoneyRockDawn which is apart from her Daily Coyote blog… HRD is great for independent women!
I’m gonna give another one to Ryan over at Agriculture Proud.  Today’s post just happens to be on Chicken Manure.  Really.  I don’t know how much more stylish you can be than that!
Seven things you may not already know about me.
1.  I went to six different schools by the time I was in seventh grade.  Just in case you doubt me… Needham, Inlet View, Rogers Park, Peabody, Grant, East.  ta-da!
2.  I’m a pretty good shot with: slingshots, rifles, bow and arrows, and atlatls.  I can’t throw or hit too much with a shotgun, but hey, I definitely have your back with a rifle!
3.  Along those lines, I have a pronghorn antelope in Boone and Crockett.  Which means he was big.  And, yes, I ate him too.
4.  I asked Vernon to marry ME!
5.  I can recite the Cremation of Sam McGee… Big Wicked Bill… the Preamble to the Constitution… lots of Romeo and Juliet… and most original Star Trek episodes.
6.  I have always wanted to own an Eskimo sealskin parka and mukluks.
7.  I’m cold 80% of the time… which explains #6 and the abundance of sweatshirts and coats in my closets.  Some women like shoes… I want a new jacket. 
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