It’s A Start

The warmth and wind has taken a lot of our snow the past few days…

but our fields are still covered in snow with crusts of mud around the edges.
It makes for a workout walking my buddies.
I decided it was time to start some more training.
Walking along the highway.
This is where I want my dogs to stop.  Right at the cattleguard.  They need lots of work on this, especially since they sneak away on occasion, the little turds.
Whenever we’ve been on the highway before, we’ve been behind a herd, so there’s never been a reason to tell the dogs to go lay down in the ditch out of the way of cars… but that’s what I want them to do.
It was our first time out.
We were good for 5 out of 6 vehicles.  The school bus is headed our way in this shot.
The last one, Lucas just HAD to chase at and bark… why I don’t know.  The other vehicles he barely glanced at.  Ah, well…
It’s a start.
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