Significant Other

We’re baaaaaaa-aaaack!
974 miles according to Google maps round trip.
Which is crazy.
Thankfully, I broke it up into 2.5 days!  I drove to Casper, spent the night with my brother and sister-in-law, drove to Nenzel, Nebraska… had our rendezvous… and returned to Casper… where I again spent the night and then came home today.
Dally is sick and tired of traveling and towns…
She jumped in my car this morning and wouldn’t get out again…
I can kinda relate as I had no company to relieve my driving…
I have many stories and photos to tell…
but first, and foremost…
Meet Kumke’s Partlow Hustler.
Dally’s *significant other* and hopefully, the father of her first litter!
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