Girls and Chaps


It’s been a busy week off the ranch…
I told you earlier about the activities at the library…
Mr. Gagliano came and did a great job with the kids and adults…
And today’s prep for the book sale was fast and furious with TONS of help!
stories about ranchlife have been few and far between… HOWEVER!
Son Daniel is on his way to Laramie, so I’m back in my job as helper for the next two days!  Better charge my camera!
Time for another Durango load of belongings too…
My minor details that I continue to work on here at my house just don’t seem worthy of stories.
For instance, I tore out a shelf in my closet and installed a bar for hanging clothes instead.
Inspirational, huh?
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!  *rollseyes*
I meant to scan some old pics to share… but somehow my scanner power cord has temporarily gone walkabout.
So, today… I’m wishing all I had to do with this blog is post a photo… that’s much easier than writing something interesting  EVERY DAY!
Forgot I had some Centennial photos on my computer!
This pic was entitled “Girls and Chaps” (get it?  *winkwink*).


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