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Since it decided to rain today (starting off with a skiff of snow), Vernon did tractor work which left me to work on my house again.

I’m getting my closets figured out and reorganized… pulling out a shelf here, adding it there, and moving the rods around.  Repainting.  I think I have it.
Now to pull the last of my clothes up from the other place.
If there’s not room… some just might have to go down the road.
Again, not the most stimulating topic for grabbing and holding a reader’s attention.
My one photo I took today… grey… cloudy… bleh.
I’m returning into the archives… and I mean ARCHIVES.
Yesterday’s beauties were some visiting friends… filled with enthusiasm at playing “cowboy”.  The center couple were Vernon’s grandparents, I believe.
Today, since puppies are in the back of our minds around here…
I thought I’d share these.
They are a permanent fixture over at Rimrock English Shepherds… but I figured some of you may not have seen them.
I *love* old dogs in old photos… I have a bunch I’ve bought at antique stores… some I’ve found on the internet.  These, however, are Dogs Found on Greet Ranch.
That’s my father-in-law, Johnny, there on the left.  He couldn’t remember the name of this dog… but can you see how my English Shepherd Heart went pitterpat?  *lookather*  Possibly sable, long hair, Irish collar!  Yessiree.
Then when the Centennial came around, and we were digging through stuff… we found another photo… and I’m pretty sure it’s the same dog.
She could be one of mine… A little excessive white on her belly and prick ears, but that’s just an ol’ Farm Collie… oh, how I wish I knew more about her!  (Little Johnny is in overalls, his dad with his hat tipped back, and his grandpa standing behind him.)  That pup back behind looks like a different breed altogether… what do you think?
Then, there’s this one taken in front of the bunkhouse (everyone likes their photo taken in front of the bunkhouse!).
More smooth coated… but it doesn’t look quite black enough to be just black and white… again the Irish collar and prick ears.
Just goes to show you these “collie” type dogs have quite a history even clear out here in the Far Far West.  I’m tickled to be helping continue on this type of stockdog!
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