On The Way

Seems as if our days are either filled with this:

Or this:  which was taken today… we got 5 inches of WET snow!
So, like ranchers tend to do… you go to town when it’s too nasty to do anything else!
We took Boomer to the vet because he’s been shaking his head and digging at his ear and holding his head lopsided.
Grass seed.
Buried deep.
The poor guy was miserable since the vet had to knock him out pretty good to dig these out.
But the Good News of the Day…
in honor of the other nuptials across the pond…
Remember this happy (?) couple?
Well, their little meeting alongside that Nebraska highway that I dubbed “Sex and the Country“?
It took!
Dally is expecting puppies May 26th!  Though if she’s like her mom, it’ll be May 24th!  Time will tell!
Tri-colored puppies are on the way!
April 29, 2010  Getting Creative
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