Where the Laughter Remains

So we made that 6 hour car trip to Laramie…

pretty much exactly like last year
It was Brandon graduating, not Daniel.
We didn’t try to do it all in one day (who’s getting smarter?)
The windmill farm is now complete.
We met someone infamous (if you’re a Wyoming Cowboy fan).
(OK, FYI, this little Shetland is Cowboy Joe… UW’s mascot)
I took tons of photos… most of which didn’t turn out due to low light and distance and my uncooperative subjects.
Like Vernon, who is trying very hard to be as tall as Brandon…
That was the best shot.
Then there were those kids…

With blowing tassles and giggles and laughter…


and waggling fingers in ears and noses…
they made it hard to get a good photo.
But the memory’s in my brain… and there’s a video of the receiving of the diploma… so this is where the laughter remains… in the kids who LIKE each other and SUPPORT each other.
I can sure settle for that!
In other news…
This city cold needs to disappear, because we’re switching gears to BRANDING on Saturday!  Which means menus and shopping and cooking and cleaning and preparation and …
I’m going to bed!  I shall do my Scahlett impression and “think about it tomorrow!”
May 9, 2009   Cody Trip
May 9, 2008   No entry.

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