Get Ready

Ready or not, here it comes.

Today I’d get something done, then lay down for a bit, and then get up and cook some more.
Thank goodness I went with Matt’s suggestion of Frito Pie for branding again.  I did it last year and it was very easy…
I’m so glad I’m not having to cook 6 roasts and slice them and have all those trimmings to make as well.
So, branding dinner is Frito Pie, sliced veggie tray, deviled eggs, the Ever Popular Orange Jello Salad (which my kids would rise up in arms if we didn’t have), grapes, monster cookies, rice krispy treats, and brownies.
Perhaps a little lacking, but honestly at this point I don’t care.
I’m just hoping to sleep through the night and not wake up every hour to cough.
I didn’t even ride and help gather the pasture today.
But that is neither here nor there… because Branding is Tomorrow!
So, get ready, folks!  New branding photos will be on their way!
May 13, 2008   Horses
somehow yesterday (blame it on my cold) I missed my 2008 link to Photo of Cuteness  and I just had to put it on today, this shouldn’t be missed!

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