First Branding

Can you spell sorrel?
The red horses win!
Out here we call ’em sorrels… back east, they might be called chestnut.
Either way, they’re red!
(YES… for you detail oriented people… one is a paint and one is a bay, but at first glance!)
The day is over.
It was CHILLY, though it was predicted to be 70, the windchill and clouds helped cool things down.
Good for a branding.
Good day to have a branding fire to stand next to!
We made it through with lots of help, barely enough food, and no wrecks.
I’m still hacking and coughing, but I feel better…
And again, I’m glad this branding is over… though a little part of me is looking forward to the next one, since I will be over this cold by then!  Knock on wood!
May 14, 2010   Tomorrow is Another Day
May 14, 2008   No entry.

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