After the Show Show

The thing about this past branding…

When we’re done branding and eating…
We’re NOT finished.
There’s one big obstacle left called, in usual imaginative Wyoming terms, “The Big Grey Ridge”.
So everyone that has brought a pony, and has the time to help, joins in.
The first part is easy.
The second part can be tricky.
Think moist soft soil from all the rain.
Sidehills like this can be nervewracking for a mother who watches her youngest’s horse do an awesome turn on his hindquarters.  If he wasn’t on the steepest part of the slope at the time, I would have liked it much better.
The third part, if you’re not a more experienced rough country rider, can get you in a jackpot.
With rimrock and cedar trees and calves that want to run back… you better have an idea of what you’re doing, because it all happens on a 60* hillside.
I squint through my binoculars… and think “They’re almost over the top, this time we did good!”
But, unseen, 8 calves slipped away through the cedars as they topped the hill, and the riders brought back the mommas… looking for their calves.
Not a good job after all!
Everyone was reunited, though…
the last of the cookies were snagged…
and our day *was* over.
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