We knew it was coming…

and it’s a long ways from being over.
We’re hoping it’s crested for the night, another 6-8 inches and Daniel’s basement  will be in serious trouble.  As it was, we managed to keep up with the inflow with a wet/dry vac and we hauled 90% of my stuff out of the basement.
Tomorrow will be another story.
The picture above was taken about 8 or so this morning…
The one above was taken this afternoon.  Same direction.  Same field.  Just zoomed in.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of this scene this afternoon… just take my word for it, the water was about 8 inches deeper!  You couldn’t see those ruts over on the left, and while loading the pickups, the water frequently would slosh over my shorty Muck boots.  They’re about 10″ tall.  The rose hedge on the right is simply a catchall for sticks, logs, and trash.
We have fields underwater.  We have lost one bridge… and we’ll see if the rest of them hold up.  Ditto for the siphons and flumes.
And guess what?
There’s at least a 50% chance of rain every day for the next three days!
Gonna love the grass…
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