Who’s Hiding


In case you were wondering… and reading my old posts… yes, we are AI-ing.
Toria is here, Daniel and Brandon, and neighbor S.
But they don’t need me… so I’m working on other projects.
At least in between the times I’m standing over the puppies going… “ahhhh…”  and “ooooooh…” and putting wayward puppies back into the warm puppy pile.
Here’s your Puppy Tip of the Day.
Whenever Mom has to leave for those short periods… potty stops and food and water…
take a handtowel and toss it over the top of the pups as soon as Mom leaves the whelping pen.  (My whelping “pen” is a kiddie swimming pool.)
That lessens or completely stops the whining and crying because Warm Ol’ Mom Just Left and We’re Cold.  That silence lets the mom stay outside just a tad bit more… and hopefully take the time to enjoy 2 more minutes away from the kids.
Puppy Tip of the Day part two.  Before letting mom back in… whip off that towel.  Otherwise, she won’t realize who’s hiding under the towel… and just step on everyone.  How do I know this?  I may or may not have had personal experience with this dilemma in the past.
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