It Worked

Before too many days pass, I wanted to share something amazing.

It’s entirely different from my usual posts.
It’s not about dogs.
Or weather.
Or Wyoming history.
Or farming.
Or AI-ing.
Or horses.
It’s about…
everyone sitting down?
There! I said it!
Every once in a while I amaze myself…
For Daniel’s birthday, I asked what he wanted for his birthday supper… and what kind of cake did he want?
Sarcastically, Vernon volunteered that he should ask for a Baked Alaska.  All I knew about Baked Alaska was that it had ice cream in it.  Ice cream sounded good to Daniel, so he agreed, and requested a Baked Alaska.
I headed to my computer and looked up the myriad recipes for Baked Alaska.
Cake on the bottom.
Molded layers of ice cream above it.
And meringue.
All within my capabilities.
I did it.
Obviously, my forte is NOT food photography, nor step-by-step instructions.  My thought here was just to record for posterity the before picture of the fresh meringue…
And the toasted version of the meringue.
Just in case it caught fire.  Or melted.  Or exploded.
You never know.
I would at least have proof I *tried* to make a Baked Alaska.
It was not pretty, nor professional… but it didn’t seem to matter to the birthday boy and everyone that evening…
I made this with brownie on the bottom… then sweet and salty ice cream, chocolate peanut butter ice cream, and chip and mint and chip ice cream… of course, topped with meringue.
I’d say it worked.
Just a quick weather update… It was raining/snowing around here today, the neighbors actually have snow sticking to the ground!  It is 39 degrees and raining… shall we bet on how much SNOW will be on the ground in the morning?
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