Western Conference

We gathered another pasture.

It’s called the Joe Henry.  He was the guy Vernon’s grandfather bought this place from back in 1909.
I’ve always liked the name… even named a puppy that once… although his new owners didn’t keep it.
It was tough riding.  There’s lots of bentonite and volcanic ash in that pasture, both make riding interesting when there’s been plenty of rain… which there has!
You could ride through a boggy draw and try to escape it up a ridgeline, only to find your horse sinking in 6″ deep on TOP of a hill!  It was a workout for our horses!
But we got it done.
Gathered the cattle.
Then it’s Conference Time.
This is our office conference table – western style.
Visiting/planning/organizing must be conducted in short order.
Three outfits must make a plan for tomorrow, just in case we come up short on our numbers.
Then without ceremony, no gavel, no “seconds”, no drama… the conference is over.
Time to take our individual herds and go home.
“See ya!  Hope you got your count!”
If there are any Questions for me out there… post ’em in the comments section!
June 10, 2009   Storyteller
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