Same Bat Channel…

I asked you to stay tuned… and in my frame of reference… that phrase from the prehistoric television Bat Man still sticks in my head…

*Same bat time… same bat channel!*
For you youngsters, you probably can get a glimpse of that on Youtube or Nickelodeon…
My friend, Bush Babe, from Australia, did indeed put in her opinion in yesterday’s comment section, and she has a great link in it as well.
Seems like the most important thing to most of you was price.  I’m right there with you!  I’m pretty doggone cheap if I can be!  I’m not a fan of buying my meat in the store… we haul our fattened beef to the butcher shop and just have to pay to get him cut up.  Yes, I’ve spent many an hour butchering antelope, deer, and elk… but we let the butcher do the beef.  You probably shouldn’t ask me if ranchers get a fair cut on the price of beef in the store!
I’m happy that you are learning about ranchlife in this blog.  Hopefully, that will continue… and my little words will spread even more.  (Just a note, last month I had over 25,000 hits! YAY!  Shall we try for 30,000???? )
I’m going to go back and answer the individual comments as best I can…  and then choose a winner from the original eight commenters for a prize I’ll share tomorrow.  Now you’re wishing you’d taken a smidge of time and said something, huh?
Did I cover everything?
Do you need to know more?
All I know is… these are two of the cutest boys I know…
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