En Garde

Someone said to me the other day, “Isn’t it ironic the overabundance of water this spring has cost us the shortage of water this summer?”

Our irrigation of our fields is now JUST STARTING.  Vernon and the boys have worked and worked and hired LARGE excavators to repair and replace ditches, headgates, crossings, and creek edges washed away by the earlier floods.
Today was again spent in our mesa pasture working on the ram pump and submersible pump.
My job again… turn the generator on.
Turn the generator off.
Try it back on again.
Got water yet?
It’s not a high pressure job.
Unless you’re speaking of getting the water up the canyonside!
The heifers had been out of water for a day and were VERY unhappy.  Cattle drink A LOT of water, and even more when it is hot and dry like our weather has been.
The guys finally worked their magic and long minutes later (it takes a while to pump water out of a 500′ canyon!) water was flowing into the tank.  Left to their own devices, the heifers and bulls would have crushed the metal tanks, shoving against them to satisfy their thirst.
Lucas and Elsa were happy to help.
Why would these heifers be standing back THERE?  The first tank is half full, they could drink!
“Ah.  Mes amis, come clozer… clozer… en garde!”
(Why, yes, I did have two semesters of college French.  Can you tell? )
As the first tank filled up, it overflows into the second and third (much lighter weight) tanks.  Elsa covers the first, I have the others.  On occasion, the dogs must refresh themselves… It is stinking HOT out in the sun!
Lucas has been banned to under the pickup for overenthusiasm.  A few minutes of punishment quickly lines him out and he repositions himself in the second tank as it fills.
The bull attempts a drink and Lucas rejects the offer.  The action was quick and ungraceful, but successful!
“Monsieur, ze teeth are sharp, no?”
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