No Challenge

Challenges come in all forms and sizes.

My last challenge was one I did not relish.
Since my pocketbook is too tight for me to hire the vet to drive the 47 miles to my house from his clinic… I was faced with driving my Durango full of 9 puppies to him.  I’ve done it before.  I’ve also spent two days cleaning up the watery puke (since at least I’m smart enough to not feed them before their first ride in a vehicle!).
This time I tried to have everything WELL COVERED.
That morning, though, the vet actually had to come to a call in Ten Sleep!  Too bad for some horse owner… but that shaved off the last 27 miles (through construction) and made me VEWY VEWY HAPPY.
Old comforter down, covered by two sheets… and we were ready.
Nine pups loaded… air conditioning cranked.
As soon as we took off there were cries and whimpers.
How freaky your first car ride must feel!  And that cattleguard!  YIKES!
I immediately talked to them, then I did a little trick…
I turned my head so they could see me… and yawned.
Did you know yawning calms a dog?  Nothing can be too wrong if a dog is turning his head and yawning.  That means contentment.  No reason to be on alert or nervous.
Within five miles they were quieter.
Within ten, they were yawning back at me.  Two puked and one pooped.
Within fifteen, they were pretty much laying down and snoozing.
By the time I got to Ten Sleep… they were ready for more.
I had to wait for the vet, but left my car running with the air conditioning going.  They loved it.
When he showed up, we grabbed each one, wormed and vaccinated it, listening to the heart, checked for hernias and cleft palates, and looked ’em over.
Everyone passed!
I stopped in Ten Sleep and visited with a couple of friends… and showed off my passengers… and then headed home.
They quickly laid down and took a nap…
This challenge was no challenge at all!
And my Durango?  Barely harmed in any way…
July 22, 2010   Crunch Time
July 22, 2008   No entry.

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