The Last Pair

I have another early morning heading my way.

I’m supposed to roll out about 4:15, be ready to leave my house by 4:50.
Drive to Worland to be there around 5:50.
Because this last pair…
these cutey patooties…
Stocky Stormy with her wild left ear, and Niobrara with her slight build and high set ears will be getting on a plane which leaves at 6:50.
(Daniel will NOT be leaving.
Daniel has hay to cut!)
Yes, if you’re a puppy, you still have to get there an hour early!
So, say goodbye to the last of the litter…
Stormy’s headed to Iowa… Nioby is Going to Kentucky (going to the fair… to see the senoritas… with roses in their hair!)
Old Girl Scout songs just magically appear in my head sometimes.
It’s been FUN, but they are READY for their new homes and new adventures!
Adios, senoritas!
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