Dog Gone Long Day

Saturday’s trail drive covered about 12 miles.

The elevation rose from 5100′ to about 7700′.
It took from about 5 am to 4 pm.  Of course, we had two stops to rest in there, once after a big hill climb, once for lunch.  We then waited two more hours to let them settle down and straighten themselves out before we rode another mile to our horsetrailer to load up and drive the hour home.
The last three miles are when we fight against the pull of the bogs and push our dogs.  After nine miles of basically hard work with little to no water, they have to buck up and work even harder.
No wonder that Elsa began the day like this:
Fresh manure to roll in and eagerness in her eyes!
As we’re putting them into the pasture, she now has become Exhausted Dog.
Poor baby.
Nothing like some Power Bones and an aspirin to take the edge off of a dog gone long day!
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