Nowood Metal Art

You know this handsome guy…

He’s my youngest…
He has a new endeavor.
Let me give you a Big (TALL) Hint.
He’s standing below his first large production, a metal frame/sign for our Wyoming Centennial Farm and Ranch award we received two years ago.
(It’s really not going to be that tall, we do have to set it in the ground!)
Brandon’s new toy is called a plasma cam… and it can cut metal like butter.  It’s very impressive.  He’s been working on projects and I just have to share!
This is the Pasque Flower showing off its colors, created from heating the metal with a torch…
Here you can see how you can create two pieces of art at once!
Brandon and M. have worked quite hard clearing out room in the old metal shop, setting up the table, and getting the computer side of it up and going.  They are quite the team, and their second creation was a memorial sign for M.’s father.
Obviously, not quite in its finished state, but very impressive.
The cowboy silhouette is from a real photo, as is the Pasque flower, and chugwater, rider, and bull on the centennial sign.  That spurred us on to create a gift for my sister-in-law and her husband who were here visiting this past week.
I went and took this photo.
M. took it…
worked some Photoshop magic on it…
and with Brandon cut out this sign.
Isn’t that neat?
I LIKE it!
So did C. and T.!
Brandon and M. will soon be in REAL business… so if you know of someone who would like a *personalized totally awesome creative unique* gift… let us know!
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