Minute Movie: “Fishing AKA Bringing Home Supper”

I grew up fishing and hunting… and yesterday I declared it Fish Day. 

It’s been a long time, as my casting abilities attested to!  But, like a bicycle, muscle memory is a wonderful thing… and soon I had a few bites!

I snagged my first one, and enjoyed playing him so much, he ended up freeing himself from my lure!  I laughed and continued!

Seems as if I were a bit rusty at setting my hook as well!

The dogs splashed in and out of the creek, enjoying their afternoon in the creek.  On occasion, that too, I’m sure, contributed to the lack of success.

I tried to get you down low, so you could appreciate the rushing of the water… and later, please ignore the dog hair and nudging that colors my video!

And yes, at the end… kapla!

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