A Good Crew

As we headed out this morning to gather “The Partnership”, a heavy layer of clouds and cool winds greeted us.  Prepared with chinks and three light layers with my re-oiled slicker on the back of my saddle… I was ready for that 40% chance of rain.
Unfortunately, an hour later, the sun burned away the overcast skies.  The wind stayed cool enough though and I held onto my sweatshirt for a couple of more hours!
The neighbors helped us through their pasture.  They hold their cattle out of our way… the bawling of our herd will encourage their cows to want to join in, even though they’re where they belong!
Look up the hillside and you’ll see a rider guarding the bunch on the hill from falling off and joining in.  If one *DID* get in… and they do… we just cut them back at the next gate (or sooner)… but if *30* get in, it’s just a mess and lots of work!
Having the neighbors help is just dandy!  It’s actually just as painless as taking them through an empty pasture.
Of course, we had the Great Cowdog Contingent along.
Dally got to go today… Elsa will enjoy tomorrow’s shorter distance!  Lucas can come to the corral Saturday!
Dally got a little sh*( -faced today… literally!
After sic-ing a cow, she turned and glanced back at me.  The cow had plastered her with poo!  By the time I got my camera out, she’d shook most of it off, leaving just the eyeshadow and nose ornament.  It was pretty entertaining for me… too bad I wasn’t faster at getting her with her cow pied face!
My favorite shot of the day?
We’ve reached our destination and the visiting begins!  We’re actually giving the cattle time to find each other and settle, but hey, we haven’t seen these guys for a while, so we talk.
We even had two more helpers that were behind me… definitely a Good Crew!
Note:  This month, unbelievably, I’ve had 151,192 hits on this site.  Three days of over 15,000 made an enormous difference.  I really don’t understand how things are counted… maybe I’m reading things wrong… but if it’s TRUE, I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Thanks to Blogher for choosing me as a Voice of the Year… and to those new readers, WELCOME!  I hope you stick around, I think we have fun here at Red Dirt!
September 1, 2008   A Working Man

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