Believe Me

Another long day of riding…
We re-rode The Partnership, searching for cattle we’d missed.  We found a pair and a lone calf.  We trailed them through the neighbor’s pasture and ended up in the same spot as yesterday.
We actually got to eat lunch around lunchtime!  That’s progress!
Then it was time to gather THAT pasture and kick them across the road and down to what we call our Horse Pasture to be ready for tomorrow’s preg testing.
As you can see, today’s pasture is Rocky and Steep In Parts.
There’s no way we could go without shoes on our horses!
It was a full day…
and I’m pretty pooped…
and I will have to make my potato salad and cookies in the morning and just be late to preg testing…
ah, well.
Such is Life.
I’ll leave this with you…

While riding through the trees, you had to watch out or you’d soon be covered in sap!  It looks like dew… but believe me… it’s sap!
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