Preg test day.
Usually not one of my favorite days… lots of cooking and preparing and working and cleaning up.
After returning home last night around suppertime… we found Brandon and Megan hard at work making pizzas which we soon devoured and then we collapsed into our soft recliners.  After some visiting… I said, I better go cook.  Vernon was insistent I just do it this morning… and I agreed.
Bad decision.
Well, *bad* if I had wanted to get up the mountain in good time, which I usually do!
Ah, well, I arrived before lunchtime with all the food I was supposed to bring…

Even though *most* of the day went smoothly… there’s just something LONG about this day no matter how you slice it!
Some of us worked harder than others… do you realize the effort it takes to mouth out a cow?  *Somebody* is on top of things!
So another day of preg testing is over…
Open cows and broken mouth cows and sick calves have all been taken care of by the combined forces of us and our vet…
Tomorrow we ship.
And, I’m the only one still awake because… ???
I’m <yawn> ready for bed now…
I’ll catchya later!
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