Questions and Answers – September 2011 Edition

emily moore wrote:
so here is my question… how did the town of Ten Sleep get it name?

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!  I don’t think I have been asked that question on here before… and it’s usually one of the first when you meet someone face to face!  Cool.  Two versions:  This one is posted on big signs on main street, and tourists take their photos by the signs.  It says there were two large Indian camps, one by Casper, Wyoming and one in Montana… and Ten Sleep was half way in between.  It took Ten Sleeps (ten days) to reach each camp from here.  I believe that is bunk!  The version the Ten Sleep Museum promotes is the oral history told by hmmmmmm… I think her name was White Calf… about a battle that lasted Ten Sleeps.  The women camped here waiting for the men to return from the Battle of Ten Sleeps.  That is MUCH more believable.


Sally Rowe wrote:
Yum! Now what did you do with the roe?  (from the fish we caught)

I’m not sure what my sister had planned, she just had them in the bowl when I took the pic… but they disappeared into the compost pile next I knew!  So… couldn’t tell you what she was planning… she’s heading back to Texas!


Taylor wrote: How did Dally react to her puppies going to new homes? Any updates on Lucas’s foot? Also, how old are all of your dogs?

Dally didn’t seem to mind… having nine puppies nurse you can’t feel wonderful after a few weeks!  She never seemed upset, but definitely checked everyone out as they came to pick up their pups.  Perhaps she approved of my choices!    Lucas.  Oh, Lucas.  My vet, after preg testing our cows over Labor Day, watched Lucas and then proposed that I get that joint fused.  Fusing the joint would keep it from rolling so bad, possibly letting the sore pad heal and straightening up the leg.  He can’t do it, so it’d be back to Billings to get it done.  I’m investigating the cost.  I guessing a LOT.  Elsa is 7.  Lucas is 5.  Dally is 3.



Suzanne wrote:
My question: I think I recall that you once posted that would like to have some other animals: chickens and/or goats. If I’m remembering correctly, would you have them as pets or food or as a breeding hobby or…? P.S. I cannot imagine how you find time to post so consistently. I really appreciate that you do, because I am totally addicted to your blog.

I’ve pretty much given up on my husband ever letting me have goats… though I’m positive they’d do our ranch lots of good eating the weeds we battle.  I’ve tried to think up ways to blindfold him so he wouldn’t notice…  Chickens?  Yes, I want chickens.  Like, 5.  Remember, though, I turned the new chicken coop into a puppy coop, and I’m still trying to turn the old coop into my art studio.  That leaves me with building a chicken tractor.  With luck, I might be able to build one over winter and be ready for chicks in the spring.  I would like a heritage layer breed… and definitely hardy for these winters.  They may have to battle over the Puppy Coop… and, Suzanne, thanks for liking my blog!



Jackie Roisler wrote:
Flying, biting bugs in your part of the world?

Heavens, yes.  Since we flood irrigate, mosquitoes are a given.  I was worried about West Nile for a while, but it seems to have joined the ranks of everyday risks we take.  Deer flies and horse flies.  They hurt!  Sweat bees and wasps.  I’m not a fan.  No-see-‘ums.  They don’t bite, but they’re annoying.  Actually the Mills Place is MUCH nicer than the other place as far as the bug situation goes… Daniel can have ’em!



Patr wrote:
What’s your favorite way to cook trout? and what do you have with it…. 

I’m green with envy right now. We just got back from Santa Fe last week and I didn’t get to fish for or eat any of the rainbows.

Patr, tough luck!   I finally decided to get back into fishing, since I now live “on” a creek with trout!  My favorite way to cook trout?  Over a campfire, in an iron skillet with fresh cooked bacon drippings as oil.  Coat the trout in pepper and seasoned salt and flour and cornmeal.  Fry til golden brown.  Serve with hush puppies and fresh garden corn roasted in the coals of the fire.  Sliced homegrown tomatoes with salt and pepper on the side.  Fried potatoes would be great, but not necessary.  Serve with plenty of napkins and a cold beer!  YUMYUM!



Stormk wrote:
Hi long time reader delurking to ask what is wrong with Lucas’ foot. I know you probably wrote about it and I just missed it at some point. Thanks

Yes, I’ve written about it before, but I have some new readers, so I’ll refresh everyone’s memory!  We ran over Lucas when he was 7 months old, crushing his pelvis and tearing the nerve in his front left leg.  His hind end is now narrower than it would have been and is weak.  He drags his front paw, so it has a tendency to have a raw spot on the large pad.  Watch his Alley Boss video from the other day.  My dog can skip!  


Judy wrote:
Lucas is so precious… He is a little work-a-holic even with his bad leg.. Do you have to do much to his foot or leg daily or is it just where it is going to be?

Lucas, I found the hard way, will work until he tips over… literally.  He scared me so bad that one time, I’m a devout Big Meanie when it comes to tying him up to keep him from working.  It’s so sad, he would have been awesome, I’m sure.  I usually keep a wrap on his paw, trying to help keep it from wearing down, but it is about a futile job.  I might check into the fusing the joint idea from my vet…  I don’t know. 
Thanks, everyone!
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